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Where are Ollech & Wajs watches made?

Our watches are all hand-assembled in the Swiss Jura by expert watchmakers. We pride ourselves in using high-quality movements and watch parts, and sourcing as much as possible from the Swiss industry to achieve more than 90% of Swiss made on all of our models.

Who are the founders of Ollech & Wajs?

Ollech & Wajs Zürich was founded by Joseph Ollech and Albert Wajs in 1956 in Zürich, Switzerland. Joseph Ollech, a trained watchmaker, and Albert Wajs, the entrepreneur, partnered to open a luxury watch shop. They first distributed the Breitling and Omega brands, before launching their own brand: OWZ Ollech & Wajs Zürich.

Where can I read about the history of Ollech & Wajs?

Scroll through OW historic
timeline here. You can download our latest press dossier, as well as find links to Ollech & Wajs stories here.

What does Swiss Made mean for Ollech & Wajs?

We proudly let our customers know that our watches are 90% Swiss Made because we know that it is a gage of quality and durability for our watches. We favour Swiss or European manufacturing, and we have centralised most operations in the Swiss Jura, including stamping and assembly.

The Swiss culture is traditionally tied to nature and to the preservation of the environment. Therefore, being Swiss Made means also that we work with natural products and high-quality materials with a minimal impact on the environment. We favour timeless designs as to create intemporel watches that will last a lifetime. We continuously work on improving our products, and we have recently managed to diminish the volume and weight of our packaging, therefore diminishing the carbon footprint of our shipping.


Where can I find information about my order?

For all enquires regarding ongoing orders, your payment, refunds, and delivery times, please contact our logistics manager by email at service@ow-watch.ch

Can I return an order?

If you are not entirely satisfied with your Ollech & Wajs watch, purchased from ow-watch.ch, you can return it to us for an exchange or refund, provided it is returned to us at your own cost within 14 days after reception of your order.

If you are purchasing from an Ollech & Wajs authorized dealer, check their returns policy as policies may vary. Full details on our to return and refund policy can be found here

How can I get an OW watch made to my specifications?

We are not equipped to offer adhoc personal customisation. However, if you are interested in issuing a small series of limited edition watches, we have a team within OW who can assist. DEPT. 000 (Department Triple Zero) is a special projects division, within OW, dedicated to development of specialist and custom watches. OW historically developed bespoke watches for US military units during the Vietnam era and continues to collaborate with a variety of elite professional organisations and individuals today. Recent undertakings include a bespoke watch for a tactical police unit and a US military regimental watch. To discuss any non-standard watch requirements or a special edition, e-mail us at dept.000@ow-watch.ch. All enquiries are strictly confidential. 

How much does insured shipping cost for my region?

The price of our watches includes free worldwide insured FedEx delivery. All prices include delivery, import taxes, customs duties, customs clearance fees, VAT, and handling charges.

How can I purchase a new strap for my watch?

We do not sell replacement straps on our website. However, we advise you contact your closest distributor with your enquiry who may be able to help. You should be able to find this info here

How can I get a printed copy of your watch catalogue sent to my postal address?

To limit our paper waste, we do not print paper catalogues. All information about our products is available on our Website.


How much do Ollech & Wajs models cost?

The price of our watches includes all related purchase costs (taxes and shipping). You can find all our prices on our website in the WATCHES section. Please note that by default, our prices are shown in our national currency, the Swiss Franc. However, you can view the prices in several other national currencies using the onsite currency converter in the header menu. The prices indicated in other currencies other than Swiss Franc by our converter is indicative only. As a Swiss company, we can only bill clients in Swiss Franc. The transaction exchange rate on checkout may also vary between different payment providers.

Can I set the length of my OW stainless steel bracelet?

Stainless steel bracelets should always be adjusted by a competent watchmaker. However, if you experience difficulties with setting the length of your bracelet, we would advise to put it in boiling water for a few minutes as to loosen the screws. Screws on new bracelets are usually set with a little bit of varnish as to keep them solidly in place.

Where can I find technical specifications and dimensions of Ollech & Wajs models

You can find all the technical specifications, functionalities and dimensions of our watch on each page of our models. If you find that some information is missing, please let us know via our contact form or by email at service@ow-watch.ch

How can I propose a collaboration with Ollech & Wajs Zürich?

We thank you for noticing our brand and wishing to initiate a collaboration with us. Whether you are a potential brand ambassador or a blogger interested in reviewing our models, you can send us a request using the contact form on our website. We try to address all requests promptly. However, being a small organization with limited time and resources to dedicate to such submissions, we hope for your understanding if we cannot get back to you with a satisfying answer.


How can I get support for my vintage Ollech & Wajs Watch?

Ollech & Wajs Zürich has manufactured a great number of models since its foundation, making finding certain spare parts for our rarest models challenging. However, you can email us at service@ow-watch.ch with all question related to your vintage Ollech & Wajs watch, and we will work with you to help you find a solution. Most of our historical models have been assembled with robust and well-known movements, making them more serviceable and resilient to technological evolutions in the watch industry.

Where can I find information about, or authenticate a vintage Ollech & Wajs watch?

The Ollech & Wajs Zürich pantheon includes many rare models. You can email us at service@ow-watch.ch with your request to authenticate a vintage or modern Ollech & Wajs model. We have ourselves noticed a number of non-original Ollech & Wajs watches, assembled from diverse non-authentic parts, and sold on the internet as authentic. So we do recommend that you contact us when buying a vintage watch from a non-reputable seller. Your request should include images, information, URL links, and all other content that may be relevant to authenticate the watch.

Does the warranty on my pre 2018 new old stock Ollech & Wajs watch still apply?

Yes, we will respond to O&W warranties for all pre 2018 "NOS" Ollech & Wajs watches purchased at authorised Ollech & Wajs distributors, and for warranties of up to 24 months. The watch must respect our general warranty conditions. Each case will be considered individually, and each watch shall be examined by our services to confirm the validity of the warranty claim. The watch should be sent in to us in its original packaging, with its original purchase invoice, and at the charge of the customer. To initiate your warranty claim, please contact us by email at service@ow-watch.ch