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Ollech-and-Wajs-OW-Zurich-1956-Swiss watches


Ollech & Wajs watches are designed at the headquarters of Ollech & Wajs Precision A.G. on Bergstrasse in Zurich. Each timepiece is individually assembled and adjusted in Haute-Sorne, in Swiss Jura, following the high standards of precision and quality which have made it an important location for Swiss watchmaking.

This long process always starts with rigorous specifications, directly inspired by Ollech & Wajs' Vietnam era production, which was praised for its robust, readable and water-resistent watches.

Ollech-and-Wajs-OW-Zurich-1956-Swiss watches


Each new model is the result of an 18-month designing process, during which more than 30 sketches and dozens of detailed technical blueprints with zero margin of error are made.

One after the other, 8 prototypes undergo a series of tests to detect the slightest flaws in their casing: water-resistance up to 100m, 400m, 1000m and 1200m, resistance to impact, scratches, disassembly and successive reassembly.

Ollech-and-Wajs-OW-Zurich-1956-Swiss watches


At the same time, 5 renowned movements were tested to determine their accuracy in 5 positions, their regularity and ease of maintenance. Like Albert Wajs 50 years ago, our final choice was for the √Čbauches S.A. factory and its ETA 2824/2 because of its indisputable reliability.

Each movement is taken apart for the engraving of the OW brand on the movement's main-plate and addition of an exclusive OW personalized rotor.

Ollech-and-Wajs-OW-Zurich-1956-Swiss watches


The manufacturing process of your watch begins in the Swiss Jura and involves more than a dozen of operations before the final cleaning. The desired shapes are first cut and stamped, than properly machined and eventually given a brushed-satin finish.

After a thorough inspection, the dial is fixed to the movement on the assembly bench. Installing the hands one by one requires the highest level of dexterity and concentration, as does each step to complete the encasing of the watch.

Ollech-and-Wajs-OW-Zurich-1956-Swiss watches


Each OW watch then go through a multi step quality control process to ensure that it is perfectly finished. The precision and the regularity of each movement are tested in 3 to 5 positions, the standard among major watch brands. A passage through a specially pressurized box allows to check its water-resistance up to a depth of 3280 feet (1000 m). Then each watches goes through a final test: a meticulous visual inspection hunting down the slightest speck of dust.

OW watches are guaranteed for 3 years against all manufacturing defect.

Ollech-and-Wajs-OW-Zurich-1956-Swiss watches


Swissness: 90%

Italy: leather bracelet, parts of packaging.

Great Britain: RAF bracelets, and parts of the packaging.

Rest of the World: dials, hands.

Each of our partners and subcontractors is selected for their technical excellence, without overlooking a key-component: a true passion for watchmaking. In our workshop in the Jura, each watch is assembled by hand with love and care. This is how we guarantee the "Swiss Made" quality of our products, upholding the highest values of the Swiss watchmaking tradition.

Ollech-and-Wajs-OW-Zurich-1956-Swiss watches


OW's straps are made from the finest leathers, selected, cut and hand-sewn by a renowned Italian tannery.

You can also choose from our large choice of exclusive RAF straps, assembled and sewn in Wales, by the official supplier of the Majesty's armed forces.

Stainless steel and reinforced rubber straps will soon be available as well, along side a new collection of travel accessories.