OW C-1000

Our new diving watch is now available for purchase

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  • OW C-1000 S

    The OW C-1000 S and its beads of rice bracelet is available

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  • Ollech and Wajs C1000 diving watch

    OW C-1000

    The OW C-1000 is a contemporary take on the OW Caribbean 1000, the first 1000m dive watch.

  • Ollech and Wajs P-104 pilot watch

    OW P-104

    The P-104 is the worthy heir to the Selectron aviator watches produced by Ollech & Wajs.

  • Ollech and Wajs P-101 pilot watch

    OW P-101

    Its design is functional and refined, military in essence. It's a tribute to the thousands of soldiers and officers who chose an OW watch as a survival tool.

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