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What we can do now

face masks

The COVID-19 epidemic is putting our healthcare systems under an unprecedented pressure. Human and material resources are being stretched to their utmost limit. However, we believe that we don’t necessarily have to wait it out. We have limited resources, but we have decided to mobilize what we could in the fight against COVID-19. This why we have decided to organize and finance the manufacture of washable protective face masks to be used by professionals, healthcare workers, children services,  police forces, retirement homes, who are on the front line every day, taking risk of being exposed to the virus in order to keep the vital functions of our societies running.

We have started manufacturing about ten thousand masks which we will be donating to different groups and associations in need. We are making them from rolls coton that has anti dust mite and anti bacterial properties. Because of its special weaving, this material filters out smaller particules (>0.3 µm), it is also natural, non allergic, washable, and durable.

Additionally, we will be donating 100 CHF for each watch that we sell to the Italian Protezione Civile for the duration of the crisis. If you would also like to help out the efforts of the Protezione Civile, you can donate to them any amount that you wish using their bank details on their webpage.